Myth #4: The Summer Myth!

Are Metal Roofs Hotter?

For most people in Northern and Southern California, it seems as though the subject of metal roofing is shrouded in mystery. Usually people envision an industrial building or a shed with an unsightly metal roof, but that isn’t the case! Metal roofs have come a long way since their conception. You probably wouldn’t be able to pick the one metal roof out of a row of houses; that’s how natural they look! So now let’s clear up the age old question; are metal roofs hotter than other materials?

Myth: Metal Roofs Are Hotter

There is a common myth that metal roofs will make your home hotter. This is not the case at all. Metal may heat up fast, but it also cools down faster than other materials used for roofing. If your home’s insulation is properly installed by a professional, then you probably shouldn’t be having problems with the warmth of your home due to a metal roof. In fact, a metal roof has the potential to actually decrease the heat in your home. Once the sun is gone and the metal is no longer exposed to the light, heat can be released faster from metal compared to asphalt and other roofing materials. So for anyone wondering, “Are metal roofs hotter?”, we can assure you they are not!

are metal roofs hotter

The California Roofing Mythbusters

Western Roofing Systems has been helping communities in Northern and Southern California for over 30 years, and we have heard some funny things about roofing that just aren’t true. That is why we decided to clear up these misconceptions and start this series on myths. We often hear misconceptions of metal roofing in particular, and we make an effort to clear up some of those misinterpretations. Take a look at the other roofing myths that we busted!

Myth List: