Are You Hurting Your Roof?

Sometimes people are really dumb. We say things we don’t mean and do things without thinking. Usually someone ends up getting hurt in the process. Now what if I said that you might be hurting your roof? Sounds strange, but someone could definitely be hurting their roof due to some careless actions. Luckily we can learn from our mistakes, and hopefully our roofs will forgive us!

Not Maintaining Your Gutters in Orange County

At times it’s not the things we do that hurt our roof; it’s the things we don’t do. Not cleaning and maintaining the gutters is one of them. The gutters and downspouts are supposed to help redirect rainwater from your roof to the ground. If there is buildup of debri (such as leaves or pine needles) there is potential for your gutters to get backed up. This means that water won’t be able to flow as needed. With nowhere else to go, the water can go into the roof causing water damage and rotting. Leaks can occur even if there are no punctures in your roof, and rain water can ruin your underlayment. Remember that it does rain in Southern California! So don’t put it off. You can contact our Orange County team at (800) 766-8000 for an inspection or request a callback.

 Hurting Your Roof

Is Granule Loss Hurting Your Roof?

Another thing you might be missing if you’re not cleaning your gutters is the sign of granule loss. Over time, your shingles deteriorate and lose granules. This is normal thing, but if there is excessive loss showing up in your gutters, then you may have a problem. The granules protect the roofing shingles from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and without them shingles can weaken and become brittle. Los Angeles and Orange County are blessed with a lot of sunlight, so granule loss could be a big problem for you if not dealt with correctly.

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