Myth #9: The Winter Myth

Imagine this; you’re home alone, just doing your own thing, and then you hear a loud bang come from your roof. You run outside to see what happened and notice a tree branch that gave way and fell on your roof, creating a gaping hole! Now if you were in this situation, would your first thought be, “What roofing material should I choose for my next roof?” Probably not, but it is going to be one of your next major decisions! Of course, you would need time to mourn your old roof (and your wallet for what it might cost), but ultimately you will be faced with that choice. And when it comes to roofing materials, we highly recommend metal! It gives you a lot of benefits and versatility in comparison to other materials! But we often hear these rumors and myths about metal roofs that simply are not true! In this article, we hope to put the question to rest regarding, “Are metal roofs colder?”

Myth: Metal Roofs Will Make Your House Colder.

So you may have heard that metal roofs can keep your home cooler in the summer, so now it seems logical to ask the question are metal roofs colder in the winter. But that assumption is WRONG! There’s often a misconception when it comes to the understanding of how a roof actually affects the house’s temperature. The fact is that your home’s insulation is what helps manage the colder temperatures in winter. So if someone asks you, “Are metal roofs colder than other materials?”, the correct answer is NO! Although California is known for the heat, we still experience those cold winter nights in Orange County! Making sure your home is warm during those times is a priority, and metal roofs will not jeopardize that! Whether you are up in San Jose or down here in Anaheim, our team is ready to assist you with your roofing needs! You can call us at (800) 766-8000 for an inspection. You can also have one of our friendly roofers contact you.

Are Metal Roofs Colder

Below is a list of other myths we busted for homeowners from San Jose to Orange County!

Myth List:

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