Aging Roof in Orange County

Happy Birthday!

So it is your roofs 25’th birthday! But perhaps it is not a day for celebration. 25 years is usually the when most roofs (wood and asphalt) will have deteriorated to the point where you will need a replacement. Now you find yourself observing your roof, but you are not to sure what you should be looking for in particular. Here are a few items to put on your list when assessing the current quality of your aging roof in Orange County.

Sagging With Age:

You definitely have a problem when the structure of your roof is compromised from sagging. This problem is usually attributed to something structural. Issues could reside with the attic decking or with the support with the foundation (which is a huge problem if so). If you are a victim of a sagging roof, It would be in your best interest to get this fixed as soon as possible. When it is a small case of sagging, the problem is easier to fix before the problem keeps progressing. If your roof is droopy and depressed, contact your local roofer today!

Old and Weathered:

The older your roof gets, depending on the material, the more susceptible your roof is to the elements. An aging roof might be subject to loosening or breaking when it is subject to winds and storms. Opportunities are created for rain to penetrate your house and cause water damage to your interior. Not only should you check the outside of your roof but also check the inside of your house for signs of leaks after a storm.

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An older roof does not necessarily mean the end for your roof. In fact materials, such as metal, can last up to 80 years! There are usually some pretty obvious signs when it comes to your roof needing a replacement, but what about when they are subtle? If you want to catch the problem early (which you should), and you are starting to notice the signs of your roofs decline, call an Orange County professional at (800) 766-8000 .

More Things to Check With Your Roof:

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